Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse
Address and information
40 Bush Street 2263 Norah Head Australia

The Norah Head Lighthouse can be found on the southern side of the Central Coast. It was built in 1908 and is still in use today, making it one of only three remaining manned lighthouses along Australia's entire coastline.

The lighthouse has a rich history, with over 4 million people visiting it each year to learn about its history and enjoy spectacular views across the ocean. The Lighthouse grounds are open to the general public, however the site also offers guided tours inside the building as well as self-guided tours around the grounds outside. If you're lucky, you may even spot one of its resident koalas snoozing up in a tree! You can book a lighthouse tour here.

Norah Head Lighthouse is located 10 minutes from our resort and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding beaches. This is a beautiful tourist attraction that is within close proximity to our resort, so we recommend this as a must do to all of our resort guests.

If you want to capture the stunning views the lighthouse has to offer, we recommend you visit for sunrise or sunset for some amazing photos.

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