Published date: 22/05/2024

At Pullman Magenta Shores, nestled along the border of the pristine National Park, we take immense pride in offering not just a luxurious retreat but an opportunity to connect with and cherish the natural wonders that surround us. As advocates for the environment which we reside on, we are committed to ensuring that our guests' interactions with wildlife are respectful, mindful, and leave a positive impact on our delicate ecosystems.

To uphold these principles, we have implemented a series of measures designed to manage customer behaviour in relation to wildlife interactions. These measures serve not only to protect the wildlife but also to enhance the overall guest experience, fostering a deep appreciation for the biodiversity that thrives within our region.

Guidelines for Wildlife Interaction:

  1. Minimizing Noise Disturbance: Guests are kindly advised to keep noise levels to a minimum, particularly in areas where wildlife may be present. This helps maintain a tranquil environment for both our guests and the inhabitants of the surrounding wilderness.
  2. Staying on Designated Trails: We encourage guests to explore the natural beauty of our surroundings while staying on designated trails. This ensures minimal disturbance to sensitive habitats and reduces the risk of unintentional encounters that could disrupt wildlife behaviour.
  3. Ensuring Safe Distances: Respecting the personal space of wildlife is paramount. We take proactive measures to ensure that safe distances are maintained between our guests and any wildlife they may encounter, allowing for natural behaviours to unfold undisturbed.
  4. Avoiding Provocation: Wildlife at Pullman Magenta Shores are not to be cornered, chased, or provoked into performing specific behaviours. We believe in observing and appreciating wildlife in their natural state, without causing undue stress or disruption to their routines.
  5. No Touching or Feeding: In alignment with our conservation efforts, guests are kindly advised not to touch or feed wildlife. This helps prevent habituation to human presence and ensures the well-being of both the animals and our guests.
  6. Binoculars: provided to guests for Whale Watching season to observe from a respectful distance along with a map prepared by Destination Central Coast for suitable viewing area.
  7. Email and Letter Drop during Snake Season: Reminding guests not to touch any snake regardless of species. Also having a Snake Species Table displayed in Hotel BOH, Internal and External Golf Course Bathrooms and Water Stations. 
  8. Australian Brush-turkey: Frequent the estate grounds and as a native bird, we advise our guests not to interact nor interfere with it as it breeds and forages.

By adhering to these principles, we strive to create meaningful experiences that foster a deep connection with nature while preserving the integrity of the ecosystems we are privileged to coexist with.

Please see below other sustainable practices we have implemented at Pullman Magenta Shores Resort:

·  Double-glazing on all windows

·  Energy-saving switches

·  Grey water recycling system

·  Housekeeping on request

·  Change of bed sheets (on request)

·  Change of towels (on request)

·  LED light bulbs

·  At least 80% of all lighting comes from LEDs

·  All property's electricity comes from renewable sources

·  Water-efficient showers only

·  Organic food

·  Locally-sourced food on site (80% or more)

·  Vegan menu options available

·  Vegetarian menu options available

·  Vegetarian breakfast available

·  Garden

·  Vegetable garden

·  Locally-owned & organized tours & activities

·  Showcase for local artists

·  Sustainability/community reinvestment (10% revenue or more)

·  Guest education on local ecosystems and culture

·  Recycling

·  Comprehensive recycling policy

·  Comprehensive food waste policy

·  Reusable cups only

·  No single-use plastic soda bottles

·  No single-use plastic straws

·  Biodegradable/compostable straws

·  No single-use plastic stirrers

·  Biodegradable/compostable stirrers

·  Reusable tableware only

·  No single-use plastic water bottles

·  Water dispenser

·  Electric car charging station

·  Eco-friendly toiletries

·  Bulk dispenser for toiletries

·  Eco-friendly cleaning products provided

·  Eco-friendly cleaning products used

·  Humane animal treatment